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Sometimes the sun is not seen. The sun plays hide-and-seek with the clouds. However, since rain forests have rainfall spread evenly through the year, they do not have a wet season. The rains are a great blessing to the farmers.

On a rainy day the sky remains covered with clouds. Land transport and communication system is suspended in many places. Sometimes flood comes to the rivers. The countryside looks green in this period. The rains provide relief from heat. When the wet season occurs during a warm season, or summer, precipitation falls mainly during the late afternoon and early evening hours.

Essay on Rainy Season in India (Written in English Language)

Thus, water starts evaporating and fills vapor in the atmosphere with. If there is plenty of rain water, then it is preserved in dams for the hydro-electricity and irrigation purpose.

These two festivals are celebrated more joyously in Orissa. In the western United States, during the cold season from September through May, extratropical cyclones from the Pacific ocean move inland into the region due to a southward migration of the jet stream during the cold season. The trees gets covered with new leaves.

Different names are given to the various short "seasons" of the year by the Aboriginal tribes of Northern Australia: Sometimes rivers overflow their banks.

This shift in the jet stream brings much of the annual precipitation to the region, [10] and sometimes also brings heavy rain and strong low pressure systems. The soil gets too dry and cracks up in the heat. So this season brings relief to everybody.

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The wind carries the water particles of the seas with it. Disadvantages There are many disadvantages too.

Rainy Season Essay in Hindi – वर्षा ऋतू पर निबंध

The wet season is a time when air qualityimproves, freshwater quality improves, and vegetation grows substantially, leading to crop yields late in the season. On a rainy day the sky remains covered with clouds.

Birds, animals, plants and human beings all welcome the rainy season, because it gives them the much-needed relief. Hilsa is a very tasteful fish.

Short Essay on Monsoon (Rainy Season)

We also celebrate Many Indian festivals with great enthusiasm in this season. Prices of essential commodities go up due to interruptions in supply of goods to the market. In this season rivers overflow their banks and cause the flood.

Boon to the Agriculturists Rain is great boon to the peasants. We get many kinds of vegetables in this season.

They can sow and cultivate their fields. During this time, the wind blows from the south-west. Some areas with pronounced rainy seasons will see a break in rainfall mid-season, when the intertropical convergence zone or monsoon trough moves poleward of their location during the middle of the warm season.

Peacocks and other forest birds start dancing in full swing by spreading their wings. Sometimes it rains for days together. So rains are very essential for our agriculture and subsistence. This shift in the jet stream brings much of the annual precipitation to the region, and also brings the potential for heavy rain and strong low pressure systems.

Sometimes the rain is accompanied with lightning and storms. Rivers and ponds are filled with water. Essay On Rainy Season – Rainwater Utilization and Methods Rainwater utilization or harvesting is a modern technology used for collecting the rainwater from everywhere with the help of simple techniques such as jars, pots, tanks and other engineered methods.

Rainy season comes at the ending of the begins in June and goes on till brings relief to men, animals, birds, plants, and the. Rainy Season English Essay- My Favourite Season Monsoon Essay For Kids Subject Write an English essay on Rainy Season- Monsoon in your words.

Short Essay on Rainy Season

Complexity Medium Grade/Class 3rd to 10th standard Number of words words Age group 8– 15 years I like the rainy season most. It is also known as monsoon season. It is my Continue Reading». Rainy season is the favourite season of almost everyone as it comes after the very hot summer season.

Help your kids and children to know about this interesting and slightly cool season using such simple and easily written essay on rainy season. Among four seasons of the year, people await the onset of rainy season with great expectation.

India is an agricultural state and in many states the farmers depend on rain for their crops. Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Rainy Season – Essay 6 ( words) Rainy Season is one of the four main seasons of the India. It falls every year after summer season especially in the month of July and ends in September.

Essay about rainy seasons
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