What did muckraking journalists write about

Read the overview and the text of "The Great American Fraud. Their work reached a mass audience as circulation figures of the magazines rose on account of visibility and public interest. Julius Chambers of the New York Tribunecould be considered to be the original muckraker.

Muckraking publishers like Samuel S. Wells — — an author of a series of articles concerning Jim Crow laws and the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad inand co-owned the newspaper The Free Speech in Memphis in which she began an anti-lynching campaign. McClure led the magazine industry by cutting the price of an issue to 15 cents, attracting advertisers, giving audiences illustrations and well-written content and then raising ad rates after increased sales, with Munsey's and Cosmopolitan following suit.

But it was food, not labor, that most concerned the public. When articles and accounts of the experience were published in the Tribune, it led to the release of twelve patients who were not mentally ill, a reorganization of the staff and administration of the institution and, eventually, to a change in the lunacy laws.

Somemuckrakers were progressives who sought reform and change; forexample, Jacob Riis wrote on the deplorable conditions in housingwith the intent to change conditions for immigrants.


Early 20th century muckraking[ edit ] Early Writers of the Muckraking Tradition. Mouthpieces of the Progressive Movement To a large degree, the progressive movement depended on the writing of muckraker journalists to build public support.

If, in the process, a social wrong was exposed that the average man could get indignant about, that was fine, but it was not the intent to correct social wrongs as it was with true investigative journalists and muckrakers. Ida Tarbell, the most popular reporter of the magazine, investigated Standard Oil originally as a way of honoring this great American business.

Standard Oil's greed, Tarbell argued, caused Americans to pay higher prices. This biography from Duke University includes a picture of Wells and a link to her articles about lynchings in Georgia.

Sinclair's horrific descriptions of the industry led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, not to labor legislation. GlavisWill IrwinJ.

To do so, he elevated his press secretary to cabinet status and initiated press conferences. President Theodore Roosevelt made the term "muck-raker" popular. Muckraking was the practice of writers and critics exposing corrupt politicians and business practices.

The muckrakers, however, used the termpositively and as a badge of honor, and investigative journalismwas borne.

Historical analysis of Society in Muckrakers & Reformers. Muckrakers & Reformers through the lens of Society Progressive-era editors gained more freedom to publish their journalists' more controversial pieces, and muckraking exposés proved widely popular with the public.

Muckraking journalist of the Progressive Era; influenced the passage of the Meat Inspection Act with his novel The Jungle.


Lincoln Steffans Muckraking journalist; wrote about corruption in government and business in his novel The Shame of the Cities. Get an answer for 'How did muckraking journalism change the U.S?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes.

In summary, during the Progressive Era, which lasted from around tomuckraking journalists successfully exposed America's problems brought on by rapid industrialization and growth of. journalists who wrote about injustices and exposed the filth of society.

Ida Tarbell. Ch.


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What Issues Did Muckraking Journalists Concentrate on During the First Decades of the 1900s?

Progressives. CLICK THE. journalists, photographers, and elleandrblog.comice, unfairness, and elleandrblog.comigative journalism how is "the pen mightier than the sword" through persuasive writing and honest truths one can change the way people think "force" (the sword) doesnt always change a persons opinion.

What did muckraking journalists write about
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