What song did eminem write about his daughter lyrics

He details how his father abandoned him and he was raised by his mother, Debbie Nelson, but cuttingly threatens her with access to Hailie. It contains catchy musical patterns, witty bars, emotion and purpose.

Eminem - Stan

You can't put it in a bottle. Then I played her the song, and she bugged the fuck out. On quite a few of the major albums he has produced, Dre has been known to receive assistance in the writing department from quite a few different personalities: There you go Yeah… yo, yo Have you ever been hated or discriminated against.

Listening to him put his family, life, and the entire world on blast was a guilty pleasure enjoyed by generations of music fans.

You guys are twisting his words and you know it. Verse Extraction I will pick the first verse, write it down in a quatrain fashion and begin my features analysis. Eminem is known as one of the most focused and hard-working MCs in the game, but this album showcased none of that.

Here Em is looking back on moments when he potentially wasn't present, due to his love of hip-hop and hardworking values to create something for his daughter Hailie's future. Just the two of us Just the two of us Just you and I.

We also see Em watching the footage by himself in what seems to be the screening room of his Detroit mansion. Well guess what, I am dead, dead to you as can be. Now in order for him to make it interesting, he squeezes in other compound rhymes, which act as the secondary rhymes, bring there to just increase the intricacy of the flow.

Melody and chords are first. The only glitch, though, was that Em's label wanted the pair to also shoot some footage of him rapping along to the track, either seated in the screening room or on the streets of Detroit.

This is the second video to feature Eminem with his glasses, the first being " Stan ". Puffy has readily admitted to having better lyricists than him write his lyrics — and the emcees he has hired include Pharoahe Monche, The Notorious B.

You know, I'm -- I'm very comfortable writing music'. Critical response[ edit ] Entertainment Weekly 's David Browne was angered: I never meant to hurt you. It has millions of views on youtube, it contributed greatly to the marketing campaign promoting the movie and I personally find it motivational and inspiring.

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Dre is almost a billionaire, and if he wants to, he can choose not to produce or rap on another song again for the rest of his life. Everything you ever wanted to know about Eminem: Against a restrained, almost hypnotic musical backdrop, Eminem tries to help the child make sense of a world in which her father is always on the run because of his career, and her mother, Kim, makes headlines with legal troubles, including a drug arrest last year.

I'm trying to sing like Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons…And it just knocks…it kills me…" It's hard to believe he hasn't recorded a Rock 'n' Roll record in 20 years.

We see Hailie celebrating her second birthday, playing with Kim in the backyard and opening Christmas presents, some of which only appear to be from her dead-broke, not-yet-famous dad, as alluded to in the song. Eminem was once known for his innovative and catchy hooks, but on MMLP2, his formulaic approach to creating an album is becoming tired.

Necro ate the beat with a rhythmic, rapid-fire, and passionate verse. Dre to form The Firm, and the rumors are a lot of verses on that album were written by Nas.

But hey, he likes being in front of the crowd performing and getting that amazing surge of adrenaline. Through his music, he helped heal a city wounded by the events of September 11, and again in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. I think y'all are just mad that his lyrics are that good.

Much like Sylar on NBC's defunct Heroes, Kendrick took Eminem's superpowers and now wields them, along with all the other rappers he's slain. He really sees the whole picture, no matter what he's working on.

This song was only available with call of duty Ghost and not on the mmlp2. 43 · 8 comments "You knocked me down, I went down for the count, I fell but the fans caught me and now you're going to have to beat the fucking pants off me".

Lyrics to "Hailie's Song" song by Eminem: Yo, Man, if I could sing, I'd keep singing this song to my daughter If I could hit the notes, I'd blow something as long as my father "Hailie's Song" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

The song is another that addresses Eminem's relationship with his daughter Hailie Jade, his adopted daughter Alaina and his relationship with his wife Kim.

Song Meanings by Artist

The single cover features a still from the video with Eminem sitting on the couch. Here is a link to an interview of Eminem discussing his writing style.

Eminem’s explicit nature of his lyrics (as viewed above) reiterate how Eminem tries to differentiate himself from other rappers by pushing the boundaries. Later on in the song, Eminem raps about the idea that he says what other people are thinking, but are too self.

Eminem performing 'Stan' with a special arrangement featuring Elton John on the piano. LYRICS: My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I. got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window.

"The idea was originally Em's," said Quig, the clip's co-director, of the home-movie treatment for the song that laments missing out on so much of his daughter's life.

What song did eminem write about his daughter lyrics
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